Great effort is taken to prevent accidents, yet they still happen!

Companies are stymied in their efforts to collect information on safety incidents that would lead to improved prevention of costly accidents.

Near miss and accident Information is critical to improving Workplace Safety

The events leading up to workplace accidents have always been recognized as critically important and have been carefully investigated to learn how to avoid the causes of accidents going forward. Very effective analytical methods have been developed over the years, to drill down and identify the root causes of accidents, but the analysis is based on the information available from after the fact investigations.

Industry has learned that they can also analyze near misses, which could have been accidents but were not because of pure luck, to determine the same root causes as those that lead to costly accidents. Near misses provide free lessons learned, but collection of this information is extremely limited.

The challenge of information discovery

Accident information has been collected like Sherlock Holmes for over 50 years resulting in limited and incomplete information on the events leading up to accidents. After the fact evaluation is always imperfect as recall is subjective.

Near misses must be self-reported or caught through observation, which rarely happens. Less than 5% of near miss information is currently captured.

The Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ Solution

Our comprehensive objective time, place and activity data not available through periodic observation, provides for accurate statistics critical to meaningful safety analytics. The quantity and quality of information now provided by our system allows for in-depth trend analysis. And for the first time, our system allows for the animated replay of the interactions leading up to an event, allowing for detailed evaluation.


Armed with WSMS™ information, Safety Management Systems are more effective

Leading to improved safety performance that save companies money

See how easy it is to improve workplace safety