The Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ (WSMS™)

Where Innovation Meets Safety™

Smart Device

Our wearable technology in the workplace identifies all falling, stumbling, jumping, running, horseplay, and collision incidents by workers and mobile equipment.

Anonymous Data Collection

All detected near miss and accident events are collected anonymously only when incidents occur.

Our Device

Our system utilizes a suite of customized sensors and proprietary algorithms to detect near miss and accident events related to slips, trips, and falls that occur in the workplace. When our system detects an incident, it locates other workers or mobile equipment in the vicinity and anonymously captures their interactions leading up to the event for animated replay and analysis.

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Tailored data to prevent accidents

WSMS™ identifies actual safety issues in your workplace, when and where they occur, enabling you to correct them in collaboration with your workforce before they become costly accidents

The Workplace Safety Monitoring System™ provides insights never before possible – Examples:

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